We are all the same…or are we?




A wrinkle in time….The Giver….Movies that show us a future of control, sameness, no sadness, no happiness – calm predictability. Do you prefer it?

Think big – open your mind – ask yourself – are we aiming to make everyone think the same? Be the same? Act, do, believe the same? 

What’s the benefit of sameness? It’s predictable. With predictability, comes comfort. With no competition, comes no loss. With mediocrity, comes middle ground. With controlled feelings, comes safety. But….

If we squelch the desire to fight – we lose our drive to soar….

Are we willing to give up the chance to succeed? To persevere? To learn? To think? Question? Disagree? In exchange for comfort, we release extremes – both pain and euphoria.

Knowing what something is….is not the same as knowing how something feels.

Where do you stand? What do you prefer? How much control do you believe should be executed on our people? How much opportunity should we provide?

Photo credits: Soren Jorgensen, Waranont Wichittranont, Jonathan Simcoe

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