National Vision

The world of tomorrow will be an interdependent web of allied nations where the use of computers to aid human capabilities will abound. Many nations will be fully automated allowing smaller nations to compete globally in unprecedented ways. Countries that embrace the processing speed, data analytics, and decision recommendations provided by computers will out-think larger countries and they will do so faster and at a lower cost.  In short, the world will favor adaptability, efficiency, and cognitive agility over nation size, infrastructure, and financial wealth.

To sustain our world leadership status, we must evolve into a leaner, more efficient, more resilient nation.

We must become a nation that embraces progress, encourages innovation, and inspires our people to achieve their optimized selves. We must become a unified nation that appreciates a multi-national allied force who works together to ensure a safe, secure, and sustained world. Maintaining our thought leadership status will require an educational foundation that both maximizes the capabilities of all our people as well as identifies, promotes, and supports our most skilled individuals – across all areas of study and ability. Our economic leadership status will depend on our ability to identify and maximize our unique assets. And our defensive leadership will depend on our willingness to embrace and appreciate the resources, advances, and capabilities of our allied nations as well as our openness to create and maximize industry-government partnerships.

Diversity and creativity will be our greatest strengths.

In the past, our natural, physical, financial, and technological resources provided us an elevated position compared to the rest of the world. However, the future competition space will rely more on our human resources, our ability to optimize the benefits of diversity of thought, background, beliefs, skills, and attributes as well as our willingness to promote and cultivate creativity of thought, action, and interactions. We remain the best equipped nation to lead in the future but how we maximize the use of our assets will be monumentally important.

Therefore, we must evolve and propel our country forward in order to meet these new challenges of automation, human-computer interaction, and the battlespaces of tomorrow. Planning will be the great divider between those nations that survive and those that thrive. Thus, we must transform our government from being reactive to being one with a proactive focus. We must support the education of all our people, elevate our financial stronghold, and ensure our defense program has the resources (financial, human, and technological) that it needs to secure our country.


Building a Ready Nation will require the entirety of our population to embrace forward thinking, life-long learning, fiscal responsibility for our future, and support our military with not only a mindset of appreciation but also with social respect, emotional resilience, and personal optimization.

A Ready Nation will be fearless, educated, self-sufficient, and secure because the nation that displays resilience will survive over time but the nation that embraces progressive evolution will thrive!

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