Focus on living, not achieving

Sometimes we need to pause…think….reconsider….remember that the unexamined life isn’t one that’s been lived to the fullest. Why? Why is it that we should bother to think about our lives, the lives around us, or our plans for the future? Because if all we do is go through the motions, then why are we here? Why bother?

I often say – don’t fear dying, fear not living.

As you examine, ask yourself, is the fighting, the arguing, and the negativity what you wish to spend your time sharing? I’ve asked many people on both sides of the political space this question and I find that folks really believe they are helping, adding strength to our nation, helping our people be better informed. While I thoroughly appreciate and lift up the passionate and determined support of our nation – I must challenge the method.

If the only people listening to you are the people that believed you in the first place…then have you really made a difference?

It is absolutely necessary to understand how our messages are being received in order to make a difference. Continued focus on achieving the goal of ensuring people have access to our personal interpretation of information does little to promote the lives of Americans and their ability to experience, maintain safety, thrive, and ultimately soar individually or as a nation.

We must instead focus on supporting the lives of our people rather than demanding they share the same beliefs. Drive national progress over your personal agenda.

“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” JFK

Photo Credits: Becca Tapert, Joshua Earle, Michael Browning

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