Kids, Inspiration, Action

I always like having students on my teams – why? Simply put: They have great ideas.

Kids aren’t hindered by the same fears as adults. They frankly don’t know what they aren’t supposed to know. They don’t know they should wait to speak. They don’t know that they should stifle their imaginations. They don’t know that they need to check the realistic possibility of success of their idea before sharing it. They don’t run down the rabbit hole of asking every possible question before declaring success.

Sure, they are also lacking experience, which oftentimes hinders them from being able to carry out all of their ideas – but that’s why we have adults. It’s a good thing the world still needs us or I’m pretty sure the next generation would put us out to pasture!

So what is the formula for ultimate success – across generations – and for our nation? We should embrace and encourage the energy and idea generation of our youth. We should do so because a) they need support and mentorship, b) they are the ones who will run the world when we are getting older, but most importantly, because c) they are tremendous thinkers!

Adults in their mid-range of working (typically 35-55) are in the prime space of energy, hunger for rising and achieving, and ready to take on many tasks at once. These individuals should be the great connectors from our youth to our most experienced workers. Our older workers and retirees need to help carry the flag. Help us see the vision of the future, coach and mentor us on those aspects of their generation that worked and why but also what didn’t and help us see how we can improve these aspects.

Every generation has a purpose – the nation that recognizes, respects, and promotes these differences of thoughts, views, and experiences will be the one that maximizes innovation and does so with efficiency!


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