Ask it again…but differently….

When something isn’t working, we look for a new solution. When something is working not exactly well, but good enough, we say, “don’t fix what ain’t broke.” But what if we can do better? What if even though where we are today is good enough, what if we can make it better? Our Government ebbs and flows over the decades and even when we feel that we are in a high state of chaos, we are a strong nation and we have many safety measures in place, thanks to our founding fathers’ forethought.

All that said, I reiterate the question, “Can we do better? And if so, what would that look like? How would we get there?”

I argue, strongly, that we can, and I believe significantly so. Many of our adversaries are excited about the revolution the technology age has brought and are plowing forward to ensure their cities are progressing, their people are learning what they need to operate in the future world, and in many ways, the adversarial nations have an advantage over us – their people are all working toward a common goal. Namely, they work as a unit to support the state or the sovereign ruler. BUT – we have creativity, freedom of thought, and the benefits of diversity in our American Toolbox.

Inspiration will motivate greater than fear and result in better outcomes in nearly all circumstances.

THIS is why America is such a successful nation and it is why we have every reason to be hopeful for the future. So how do we inspire our country? Our politicians? Our neighbors? Our people? And how do we look at the problems over which we argue…but differently than we have in the past?

We start thinking and approaching them differently, that’s how.

For example, many are asking how we can sue the opioid pharmaceutical companies. But what if we additionally asked how we could leverage HUD to motivate life change and reduce addiction? Many ask about how we can bring back old jobs in our nation? But what if we developed a new education system that tied high school course work to specific jobs of the future both in and out of the U.S.? What if we allowed our next generation to be prepared for the jobs that will be available and also to bring new cash flow into our American market? What if we improved immigration relations through an underlying tax reform plan? What if we used telemedicine and no bed hospitals as well as modeling and simulation techniques to improve healthcare, while reducing the cost?

Rubik’s cube problem solving means stepping back, assessing the situation, and finding a new path, a better path, one that focuses on prevention over reaction.

I like to say, “Stop running from individual fire to individual fire. Step back, hire a marketing team, and create a cartoon bear that teaches people how to not start them in the first place.” THAT’s how real change occurs.

Photos by Clark Tibbs Andreas Klassen Xan Griffin

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