Women Leaders: Why do we need them…..now?

The start of the women’s movement was a necessary joint action by those who came before me. It seems so long ago but truly, even yesterday, an older woman explained to me that people do not listen to women’s words but only judge them by their exteriors. Is she right? Perhaps. Have I seen it in my professional life? No – or at least not to that extent. Am I missing something? Possibly. But at the end of the day, does it matter?

“There is a 50% increase in outcome prediction with gender diverse teams. This is a DECISIVE advantage.” – ADM Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations

There have been many studies that articulate the benefits of women on military teams – the dynamics change and with that change, comes increased thoughtful consideration and debate. Why does this matter in our nation today? Because we have taken on an increasingly contentious political interaction style that is creating significant division among our people.

However, unity is the strongest position we can take as a nation – both economically and defensively. When we work together toward a common goal, outcomes are always better. Yet, our emotions, our fears, our anger, our need to be right can often reduce our ability to work as a national team.

We no longer need to hire women to be leaders in order to prove that they can lead – we need women leaders because their skills and differences in approach are valuable and increase success.

At one point, we needed a women to run for president to be an inspiration for my generation and the one after me. But now we need our female political leaders because our nation needs help healing, connecting, and unifying. It’s no longer about proving worth but rather about recognizing the qualities and experiences women can provide. In business terms, it’s not about proving one is right but rather, it’s about finding the right answer that addresses the problem. That’s the solution that sells.

I think you will find more and more women leaders running in and winning political races not because they need to be right but because they are the right answer for what our nation needs today.

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