USA: Unity Strength Action

 There is no them. – Patton Oswalt

We hear it in parenting all the time: “We are a united front.” Why do we say this? Why do parents believe it? Why do we try to work together, compromise, when we disagree? Because at the end of the day, it is better to lose the battle than to lose the war. In this analogy, winning the war means raising a healthy, happy, well-adjusted child. Losing the battle means one or both parents have to acquiesce in their parenting style in order to achieve the harmony required for the child’s best development.

How are we, as a nation, any different? We stand by and watch as congress chooses to divide on issues so much so that when the budget isn’t passed, the Government shuts down. This is what I call:

“Divorce Court: Where everybody loses.”

And this is what is going to happen in our nation if we don’t stand up and unite. We must connect across our people, across our differences in backgrounds and belief systems, and across our nation in order to continue to be the world leader we claim to be. There is no disputing it – all of the other big countries are rushing forward with digital and cyber progress. They may not have the freedoms we do but they have the drive and unified goal to progress. If we dare to underestimate the motivation, abilities, and resources of other nations, we handicap our ability to maintain our global status. We hinder our nation, our people.

Jesse Jackson once stated, “Leadership has a harder job to do than just choose sides. It must bring sides together.” And yet….*we*, the people of the United States of America….must also choose to come together. It is as much our job to unite as it is leadership’s job to show us the path…

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