Unify: Why????

Why should we work together? Why should we stop the intra-fighting in our nation?

I think this is obvious to most: spending our energy fighting against one another is an epic waste of our time, our energy, and our productivity. Yet….we do it anyway, why????

We want so desperately for everyone to list to us – to agree with us – to be reasonable….like us! Yet how is it that half our nation is unreasonable? Do we all really believe that? If it is really the case that half of all our people – hundreds of millions of them – are crazy, unreasonable, diseased – then we are doomed. Seriously – this notion, these accusations – they are inflammatory and frankly, ridiculous on their own.

Our nation is not crazy – not even half our nation is crazy. We are angry, we are scared, we are frustrated….and we are taking it out on ourselves. Truth be told, we are acting like an angry couple. We are yelling before speaking. We are inflammatory in our accusations and lacking in goal-oriented requests. Simply calling people names not only perpetuates the anger, it also guarantees no one will listen to us and that we will never achieve our actual goals. So WHAT ARE WE DOING?!?!

Basic psychology: We have to *listen* before we can understand. And we need to understand before we can find agreements. Here are my recommendations for achieving a more unified nation….

  1. We need to connect within and outside our country on joint projects: I don’t care if people are in a choir together, building a house together, chatting on social media, or planning a work project – when people work together, they value and understand each other better. We need to find a way to do this as an organized unit in our nation. Support America could be a way for us to donate time to our nation and unify our people. This project would allow our people to share our talents, rather than our money, to help optimize our nation’s success. Everyone has value, we need to capitalize on it!
  2. If you want something, ask for it: You don’t need to yell or scream, insult or destroy others in order for people to listen. Oftentimes, we can just ask for what we need and compromises can be made. It’s really, seriously, not hard. Yellers reflect on themselves more than the ones being yelled at. The trick is, rarely do people know what they actually want. If you want to preserve history – then ask for that instead of yelling that liberals are diseased. If you want equality recognized – then state how you want to achieve that without suggesting that promoting one race reduces the value of another. We don’t always realize how our words sound to the recipient – WE NEED TO LISTEN TO OURSELVES!
  3. Value people – This is the crux of every argument happening right now. Everyone wants to feel valued. It’s a basic personal wish. What I struggle to understand is how we got to the point where we believe as a nation that the only way to feel valued is to reduce the worth of another. It is a ridiculous notion. Your neighbor’s success enhances yours, not reduces it. Everyone can win something – we just can’t all win everything!

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