HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018: What have you learned?

Every year, I learn something – at times, that “something” isn’t something I wished to learn but I find that life comes regardless of our plans, preferences, or even our best efforts to control our world. THAT was one of the toughest lessons I learned – over many, many years. But for this year, I learned an incredible number of things I actually wanted to learn, and for that, I am truly greatful. I learned much about our Government and political system. I learned how much I love traveling the world. I learned how important it is for me to do my daily workout – it keeps me centered and my brain active. I learned how valuable it is to find “your kind,” or those people who really understand you. I belong in the real life version of The Big Bang Theory – I am, at my truest core, a geek who loves being with people who challenge me as much they love me. But most of all, I found my passion and THAT is an incredible thing to find.

For me, finding and solving problems for our people, our nation, our world is about the most invigorating experience I have ever had. I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to explore these areas and particularly to help solve really hard problems. In my personal world, I’ve finally realized a dream to write on a regular basis about what I see, what I know, and in a way that reflects my view of the world. My ultimate hope is that these ideas, this energy, all converges into a single goal. My UNIFY USA Project (see my Facebook page) is the culmination of all these interests and while I hope it starts a movement of people in our country walking in the same direction, metaphorically speaking, and doing a better job understanding and respecting each other’s differences….

True happiness comes not from the acknowledgement of others but rather, the personal pursuit of those things that keep one up at night…thinking, questioning, rethinking, and strategizing.

It doesn’t matter if you love skateboarding or marketing or cyber security or problem solving – whatever it is – pursue it will earnest and your life path will unfold before your eyes…

HAPPY 2018 AMERICA! May this year be more invigorating than the last! Be fearless, be passionate, be yourself.


*Photo Credit: NordWood Themes  Ian Schneider

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