Camp for America: Part II – Goals

 When we try to solve problems, typically, we focus on solutions for today. We look for ways to end the current suffering. This a good start…but it can’t be all we do. We must simultaneously look at the underlying issues and fix those too. Otherwise, we will simply repeat the issues we just fixed. This is why people often say – study history in order to not repeat the past. But what if instead, we used that information to solve tomorrow’s problems before they start? When I used to see patients, I would often say,

“It’s better to never accumulate credit card debt than it is to pay it off. Because when you have to pay it off, you do so with interest.”

This sentiment can be seen in nearly every area of life. It’s easier to teach children to behave early than it is to fix issues later. It’s easier to never gain the weight than it is to lose it. And it is easier to educate our people for jobs of the future than it is to train them for new jobs when theirs become obsolete. It is easier to plan ahead for anticipated natural disasters than it is to rebuilt after the fact. In short,

It is wiser to be proactive than reactive.

So when it comes to the animosity we are facing in our nation now, it is not enough to tell people we have to get along. We must show them the pathway to do it and raise our next generation to value cohesion.

Therefore, there are several goals for my Camp for America idea:

  1. We must build comradery in our people and show them, not tell them, why we need to value our differences
  2. We need to share information with our people about the role and processes of government and military – they deserve to know how these systems work and have the opportunity to be part of them – trust between our people and our government is imperative if change is to occur
  3. Train our people to be a ready nation – We are more resilient and prepared for any situation if we can grow food and feed ourselves, anticipate the impacts of natural disasters, handle emergency situations with expectation rather than surprise, and be physically, emotional, and intellectually prepared for anything.

Build – Share – Train

These are the goals of for our nation and will transform us from a reactive to a proactive, empowered, inspired, and READY nation!

Photo by Alex Radelich Andre Hunter Toa Heftiba

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