American Traditions….

Traditions have been around since the beginning of time and are present in every culture, every religion, every society…why? Traditions have stood the test of time and circumstance because they serve a very important function in a society, they bind people together, create a common experience, and create a rhythm to life. There is an interesting underlying impact to the body as well that likely helps perpetuate these events. They serve as a forcing function for pausing from everyday life, spending time with family, friends, and experiencing moments of happiness.

But in a nation as diverse as ours, it becomes more challenging to honor everyone’s beliefs and traditions. And as a result, further affects our struggle as a nation to feel connected – to feel united. So the question during this multi-holiday season is…how do we honor the different traditions, ideas, beliefs we have in America while also finding a way to celebrate together as a unified whole?

My husband often says Merry Festivus to everyone, recognizing there is no possibility of being politically correct, and instead embracing the goal of wishing people a happy winter season without referencing any one particular religious belief or personal preference. I think he may be on to something here. Perhaps it is not necessary for us to celebrate, experience, or live the same way, same celebrations, or same journeys – but instead to acknowledge, honor, and respect one another’s differences with the same recognition. On that note…


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